Faculty Of Business Adminstration Publications

Recent Research Publications

  • ELKRGHLI S, ALMANSOUR BY. An Empirical Investigation of Risk Management Factors in Private Construction Projects in Benghazi City. Montenegrin Journal of Economics 2024 April.;20(2):195-207.
  • Almansour B, Elkrghli S. Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction on E-Banking Services: A Study of Libyan Banks. International Journal of Technology, Innovation and Management (IJTIM). 2023 May 23;3(1):34-42\
  • Sihem B, Ahmed B, Alzoubi HM, Almansour BY. Effect of Big Data Analytics on Internal Audit Case: Credit Suisse. In2023 International Conference on Business Analytics for Technology and Security (ICBATS) 2023 Mar 7 (pp. 1-11). IEEE
  • Almansour BY, Elkrghli S, Almansour AY. Unravelling the Complexities of Cryptocurrency Investment Decisions: A Behavioral Finance Perspective from Gulf Investors. International Journal of Professional Business Review: Int. J. Prof. Bus. Rev.. 2023;8(7):124
  • Almansour BY, Elkrghli S, Almansour AY. Behavioral finance factors and investment decisions: A mediating role of risk perception. Cogent Economics & Finance. 2023 Jun 15;11(2):2239032
  • Almansour BY, Uddin MM, Elkrghli S, Almansour AY. The dynamic connectedness between cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange rates: evidence by TVP-VAR approach. Industrial Engineering & Management Systems. 2023 Sep;22(3):349-62
  • Almansour BY, Elkrghli S, Gaytan JC, Mohnot R. Interconnectedness dynamic spillover among US, Russian, and Ukrainian equity indices during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian–Ukrainian war. Heliyon. 2023 Dec 1;9(12)
  •  Abdelsalam, A. A. (2022). The Impact of Microfinance on Economic Growth: Evidence from the Gulf Countries. ICBFP’2022 6th International Conference on Banking and Finance (p. 21). North Cyprus, Famagusta: Springer Conference Proceedings in Business and Economics.
  • Ali, E., Ismail, M., Abdullah, N. F., Nordin, R., Balfaqih, M., Shglouf, I., & Mazlan, M. H. (2020). Two dimension angle of arrival-based precoding for pilot contamination reduction in multi-cell massive MIMO systems. Wireless Networks, 26(6), 4129-4147.‏.‏
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