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The Public Opinion Polls Unit affiliated with the Research and Consultation Center conducts specialized research and consultations in surveying public opinion on all topics and issues related to the Libyan community in all fields, to be a resource of public views on important issues. One of the tributaries of the research service is to establish a Database strategy for researchers and policymakers. The decision is to provide in society, consulting services to institutions, companies and individuals in the fields of research and public opinion surveying; In support of community service and development.


 Leadership in research and excellence in consulting


  • Follow the scientific methodology in the preparation of public opinion studies, monitoring the general situation in Libyan affairs, and predicting the changes the future may hold.
  • Reliance on analysis of trends in methods of public opinion on Libyan affairs, define aspirations of the nation, and develop plans that contribute to forecasting the future objectively and realistically.
  • Organizing research and survey studies that contribute to the formation of a strategic database that can be relied upon in the future of strategic planning of the country.

values ​

The unit is committed to ensuring the application of high-level standards that respect the great ambitions of researchers, and seeks to excel through adherence to the highest scientific standards in research, training and innovation.

The members of the unit are committed to the highest levels of integrity, respect, and professional ethics, while selecting the topics of research and studies to be conducted, in compliance with the indicators, controls, and standards related to methodological safety, ethical standards, scientific responsibility, credibility, and research realism, with commitment to professionalism in describing reality and analyzing it, and rapid response to the developments that the Arab and international arena is witnessing.

The unit is committed to ensuring the standards of scientific integrity in the scientific research it conducts, as it is the basic condition in the research process, by relying on specific rules and methods, and adhering to the specified percentage of plagiarism in scientific research, and avoiding scientific plagiarism in whole or in part, and taking care to reach accurate scientific results, which contribute to solving societal issues and problems subject to public opinion polls.

The unit adopts the principles of social justice, equal opportunities, and cultural diversity in its selection of survey topics, ensuring that these surveys cover a wide range of issues that affect society without bias or discrimination.


The unit adheres to the principle of professionalism in performance, working according to the best international professional standards to provide excellent services to researchers and participants, ensuring excellence and accuracy in performance.

The unit adopts the principle of social responsibility as a scientific and ethical foundation, based on the principles of commitment to responsibility and upholding scientific integrity in presenting studies, research, and conclusions that serve society.

The unit strives to achieve the principle of mastery and excellence by adopting a clear scientific methodology in selecting the survey topics it conducts, in addition to its commitment to developing the spirit of initiative, creativity, and innovation, adopting the concepts and standards of quality, and establishing scientific policies and laws, to enhance the scientific and research outputs of the surveys it conducts.

The unit strives to build an effective partnership with similar local, regional, and international communities, through activating scientific participation and opening channels of communication with similar centers locally, regionally, and internationally, and adopting dialogue and study on joint or similar research to produce the best scientific results that support public policies in the country.

The unit is committed to adopting the principle of intellectual property protection, by establishing a transparent and clear policy that protects the intellectual property rights of researchers, defines their responsibilities and obligations, and controls the processes of investing and preserving research results.

The unit adopts the principle of futurology as a future-oriented approach that helps to develop the fields of public opinion research and surveys. It does so by constructing a set of future scenarios to study the conditions of society, extracting a series of ideas for conducting research and survey studies that monitor public opinion in society, and transforming the results of these studies into a tangible reality that helps in the process of advancing society on innovative bases and standards, methodological and participatory approaches that present effective strategies and policies to resolve public affairs issues.

Unit objectives

  • Measuring public opinion trends in society using innovative scientific methods.
  • Knowing the opinions of citizens on the issues raised on the scene.
  • Measuring citizens’ attitudes towards decisions, policies, and laws impartially in accordance with international standards.
  • Monitoring and analyzing polls and surveys related to the Libyan issue conducted by international research and polling centers.
  • Presenting baseline information adequate services, and a comprehensive development process to the state In order to achieve unity and a scientific research goal scorer.
  • Contributing to the development of scientific research in the field of public opinion studies, and selection of topics on the strategy worthy of study and analysis, and comparing them with output of research strategies In other societies.
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