Meeting of the Planning and Programs Committee

In the presence of:
• Dr. Ali Saeed Al-Barghouti
• Dr. Nada Ben Ali
• Dr. Hanin Al-Nuweissri
• Dr. Suzanne Al-Huni
• Mr.Ahmed Fittori
• Mr. Ihab Al-Falah
• Mr.Anas Mohammed Al-Taweel

Dr. Othman al-Tajouri, a representative of the Faculty of Human Medicine, was absent.
The meeting touched on:
1. Review what was agreed at the previous meeting
2. Discuss the reports of college delegates on the arrangements for the colleges\’ scientific day
3. The Faculty of Pharmacy has presented some of its arrangements, including the formation of scientific day committees, the processing of posters and the budget of the scientific day of the college.
4. The Faculty of Information Technology presented its procedures for forming a committee and developing a preliminary vision for the scientific day at the college.
5. Some details were discussed with the Dental College due to its specificity.
6. The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences submitted a report stating that the college held a meeting of the College Council dedicated to discussing the arrangements of the scientific day and has been developed a general perception of the scientific day of the college and indicated that the college has begun compiling and inventorying research and archives.

The meeting concluded:
• Colleges should place scientific research as one of the college\’s priorities as well as the educational process.
• Follow-up preparations and preparation for the scientific day of colleges.
• The declaration of the Research Center for Colleges on the beginning of supporting research, students and the research of faculty members.
• Colleges should submit proposals for national research projects.
• Agree to accept unpublished research on the university\’s scientific day.
• The planning and programs committee should meet after two weeks to follow up on the progress of the work.


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