Scientific Symposium on Corona-Covid-19 Virus

The scientific symposium on the Corona-Covid-19 virus, organized by the Libyan International University of Medical Sciences and in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, concluded a scientific symposium on the Corona-Covid-19 virus. Abdullah Al-Mansoori, who welcomed the attendees and stressed the importance of holding such seminars and wished everyone success.
The symposium included four axes divided into two sessions, where the first session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Al-Senussi Muhammad Al-Taher and Prof. Othman Al-Tajouri, the first axis was entitled:
Corona-Covid-19 virus and epidemiology of the disease and research papers were as follows:
Dr. Ikram bin Saud, Epidemiology and pathogenesis of COVID_2019
Dr. Imad BouchkemHistory and geographic distribution of COVID19
Dr. Jamila Al-Sheikhi Introduction to Coronavirus (COVID- 19) and laboratory diagnosis
As for the second axis, it was entitled: Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Treatment, and it was spoken in Dr. Abdel Moneim Obaid through his research paper: COVID-19

[how to diagnoses and possibility of treatment]
The second session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Mansoori and Prof.Dr. Nasser Al-Qambari included the third and fourth axes, where the title of the third axis was: Methods and methods of prevention, in which both:
Dr. Ibrahim Mool Outbreak investigation
Dr. Ramadan Sati Coronavirus Outbreak
Dr. Rashad Shawky A time for solidarity, not a stigma
The fourth axis is the measures taken by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior, in which:
Dr. Hussein Al-Awami The measures taken by the Ministry of Health and the Interior
Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Halafi Assessment of preparedness of Libyan health system to health emergencies: Lessons learned from corona outbreak
Dr. Amal Vitori for laboratory tests available from the CDC to detect the emerging Covid-19 virus.

The opportunity was provided for the presentations of the doctors and specialists present, and a number of students of medical faculty at the university participated with scientific posters dealing with the topic and themes of the symposium.

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