Self Study Main Committee Meeting With The chairmen of the subcommittees

At the invitation of  Dr. Ali Saeed, Chairman of the University\’s Self-Study Committee, held on Saturday
2020/02/51 at 8:00 a.m.

The following items were discussed:

The chairpersons of the committees reviewed a summary explaining the functioning of each committee, and how to hold meetings,
The division of labour among members is as follows:

• A. Ibrahim al-Maghribi, Chairman of the Fifth Standard Committee (Student Affairs)
On the work of the Committee, where it held two meetings during which the items were discussed
And to explain how to answer them, and that the work is going well, as A. Ibrahim touched on
Mentioned the difficulty of the committee\’s interface with regard to the use of the business school system
different from the systems used at the university, where the Chairman of the Committee pointed out
Principal Dr. Ali Saeed a discussion of this point of competence of the University Council.
Reviewed Dr. Salma Boukhtwa, Chairman of the Seventh Axis Committee (Scientific Research),
The committee confirmed that the committee has completed its work on the writing of the report.

• A. Safaa Keshar, Chairman of the 8th Axis Committee (Community Service) reviewed the work of
The Committee held its first meeting and began working on the indicators.
With regard to the first criterion (planning) that the inclusion of machines was under way
that were identified during the first committee meeting to the strategy preparation policy.

• Dr. Sabri Gibran, Chairman of the Committee on The Second Standard (Leadership and Governance) said that he held several

Minutes of the meeting of the main committee for self-study and the chairmen of the subcommittees
meetings and that the work is going well. With regard to the fourth criterion (affairs
faculty (that the pace of work in this standard is going slowly because of the preoccupation
Mr. Faiz Al-Bejo, and work is under way to continue the work in particular.

Also, A. Asma al-Zughebi indicated that it is about the sixth standard (utilities and services
educational support (it is still working on indicators with committee members where
That most members do not have sufficient experience in how to respond to indicators
And processing the report.

With regard to the ninth standard (quality assurance and continuous improvement) work
And that a draft was received from a
going very well the committee members according to
For each member\’s indicators, annexes and final drafting are being completed
For the report.

With regard to the fourth criterion (educational programmes), A. Asma al-Zughebi added that she
I reached out to members and it was agreed to see the standard indicators until
A meeting was held in particular, where I decided to postpone work on this standard until
completion of the ninth criterion where most of the members are the same members of the
Axis 9. In this regard, Dr. Salma Boutosa suggested that an exemption should be made.

Asma Al-Zughebi from the presidency of one of these committees, and to appoint a new president for each
Committee to ensure the progress of the work in parallel.
The item adopts the schedule of self-study.

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