Fourth Scientific Day for Faculty of Pharmacy


The scientific day logo is (Road to international accreditation)


Scientific day plan before COVID-19 pandemic:

The organizing committees for the fourth scientific day were established and approved by the

faculty council


The World Health Organization announced that the Corona

the virus had turned into a global pandemic on March 11, 2020, and the announcement by the Ministry of

Health that the study was suspended on the educational institution\’s campuses, commitment to

preventive measures became binding for everyone. Hence, the Libyan International Medical

University decided to move to distance learning on March 14, 2020, and accordingly, it was decided

to postpone the Faculty\’s scientific day from April 11, 2020, to April 20, 2020


The committee developed a proposal for a new plan to implement the scientific day remotely as



*Announcing the scientific day:

*Presenting the scientific day 

*Welcoming speech 

*Faculty\’s student speech 

*Oral presentation for graduation research 

*Posters presentation 

*Coronavirus posters


*Models and drawings by students 

*Different procures by students

*Pharm D Students Journal

*Announcement of winners 


Scientific Day evaluation

The head of the quality assurance office of the faculty Samah Eltaib presented an introduction

about scientific day evaluation on Zoom and broadcasted directly to the Faculty\’s YouTube

the channel, while the evaluation link is found in the Bio of the Faculty’s YouTube channel



 Organizational decisions made regarding the scientific day:

– All of the above was recorded during the preparation and training period, and all videos are

uploaded to the faculty\’s YouTube channel in anticipation of any emergency outside of our


– Records are uploaded individually and also in groups in case of any emergency.

– On 20/04/2020, an internet outage in the entire eastern region occurred since early

morning, but because the faculty had already prepared its plan and programmed the timing

of the start of the day, the scientific day was presented remotely on the faculty’s YouTube

channel on Monday (20 / 4/2020) From 10:00 am to 1:00 pm without any delay 


The Scientific Day program was implemented according to the following:

  • Welcome speech delivered by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Maryam Elnemer
  • Student speech delivered by the student Fatima Mansour
  • Presentations for fourth-year graduation research (5 progressive presentations)
  • Posters for first-year students (16 posters)
  • Scientific and educational procures, videotapes and presentations of the community

outreach activity for this academic year and its title (Environmental pollution)

  • Posters which our students presented in the awareness seminar about Coronavirus

(COVID19 symposium) that the university held at the beginning of March

  • The third annual issue of Pharm D Students Journal PDSJ was presented

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