Training Program on Scientific Research in Collaboration with  IBTIKAR  Project

On Saturday, December 30, 2023, the Research and Consultation Center, in collaboration with  IBTIKAR  Project, which is part of the European Union initiatives, conducted a training program on scientific research. The program targeted several faculty members at the university. The first workshop was presented by Mrs. Janaan Al-Tawati, a faculty member at the Faculty of Engineering and Technical Sciences. It focused on the Plagiarism checker  program used at the university. The workshop covered how to use the program, its various advantages for faculty members and students, and provided an overview of concepts such as academic citation and plagiarism. It also highlighted the challenges faced by faculty members in this field.

In the second workshop, Dr. Tarek Al-Jamali, a faculty member at the Faculty of Law at Benghazi University, provided an overview of the regulations and laws governing the educational process in Libyan universities. The workshop discussed the impact of these regulations, with their various provisions, on faculty members, particularly in the field of research production.

It’s worth noting that the training program consists of three days spread over three weeks, covering various topics related to scientific research

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