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About Us

The Research and Consultation Center oversees the University’s research projects and provides them with possible support services. The Center also provides consulting services to institutions, companies and individuals in various health fields in support of community services and development.
The Research and Consultation Center provides the suitable environment for the academics, professionals and researchers in main health fields. The Center also contributes to the support and guidance of postgraduate students. The Research and Consultation Center conducts many workshops and training courses aimed at developing research skills for students and university staff members and to those who are from outside the university.


An excellent center for research and advisory services .


Providing excellent research and advisory services that contribute to the development of the community, through universty expertise and outside specialties.

Goals & Objectives

  • Establishing stable rules and systems for scientific research at the university.
  • Direct scientific research in accordance with the development and service of the community.
  • Maintain projects’ schedule in accordance with the university approved scientific research priorities.
  • Providing Consultancy for public and privet sector.
  • Supporting specific students research projects at the university.
  • support publication scientific research result.
  • Preparing and participating in scientific conferences and symposia to contribute to community awareness.
  • Linking the university with the community and the labor market.
  • Expanding partnerships and cooperation with local, regional and international institutions.
  • Attracting sources of funding available locally, regionally and internationally.

The Research & Consultation center Regulations

The Research & Consultation center Regulations were approved by Resolution No. 18 of 2017 of the University Council of the Libyan International Medical University.
Note: Attached is a PDF of the Arabic Version of the Research & Consultation Center Regulations
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