LIMU  Concludes 2023 with its Annual Scientific Day

On Saturday, December 30, 2023, LIMU witnessed the activities of the fourth annual scientific day, in the presence of the university president, the university’s vice president for research and consultation, several university leaders, faculty members, administrative staff, and university students.

The scientific day began with a speech by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saad Ambarak, the university president. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of conducting rigorous research that contributes to the development of society. He highlighted that many research works follow the same methodologies used in other environments, which may serve research purposes but do not realistically benefit their own communities. He stressed the need for guided and useful scientific research, stating that the university has allocated a budget for scientific research and focuses on the mission of self-guided learning, preparing students to become researchers in the future.

The university president also emphasized the importance of research and consultation to achieve knowledge production, starting from knowledge management and moving from consuming knowledge to producing it, relying on national intellects. He concluded by stating that the problem lies not in the capabilities of Libyan minds, which prove their competence and excellence when provided with the right environment and resources, but in the prevailing system that does not value scientific research and often misallocates resources

Following that, Dr. Salma Bukhatwa, the vice president for research and consultation, highlighted the important steps taken by the university to enhance research production. She mentioned that the current annual scientific day would witness developments in the coming year. Dr. Bukhatwa praised the continuous exceptional efforts of the Research and Consultation Agency team

The first scientific session was then initiated by Dr. Faraj Al-Salabi, a faculty member at the United Arab Emirates University, who delivered a lecture titled “Connected Care: How Cyber-Physical Systems and Federated Machine Learning Are Shaping the Healthcare Landscape.” This session was followed by a lecture by Dr. Mohammed Najeh, a faculty member at the faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, titled “Scientific Research and Challenges in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Arab World.”

Later, Dr. Rafik El Mahdawi, the Director of Research Operations at the university, presented a lecture titled “Research Priority Setting at LIMU: Past and Future.” Finally, the scientific session concluded with a lecture by Dr. Suleiman Al-Sharif, the Director of the Research and Consultation Center at the university, titled “Predatory Journals and Publishing.”

The ceremony concluded with the honoring of outstanding students in scientific research from various colleges with financial awards. Additionally, the university recognized the recipient of the Best Research Award at the university level for the year 2023.

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