Conclusion of a Training Program between the Research and Consultation Center and  IBTIKAR Project

As part of the collaboration between the university and international institutions, on the thirteenth of January 2024, the third and final day of the training program concluded. This program was held in collaboration between the Research and Consultation Center and IBTIKAR  Project (one of the projects of the European Commission) in the field of scientific research. It was conducted as part of Work Package 4 (WP4), targeting several faculty members at the university.

The concluding day witnessed a workshop presented by Dr. Rafik Al-Mahdawi, the Director of the Research Operation at the university. The workshop addressed the priorities of scientific research within LIMU , discussing their importance and the previous experiences of the university in identifying its research priorities. It also covered future plans for establishing new research priorities.

In the second workshop, Dr. Salma Bukhatwa the vice rector for research and consulting affairs , presented an overview of the cooperation between IBTIKAR Project and Libyan universities in general, and specifically with LIMU. She highlighted key milestones in the collaboration between the university and the project, emphasizing its impact on the development of human resources capabilities at the university.

At the end of the training day, the participants toured some of the university’s laboratories, where they received introductory explanations about some of the devices within these labs and their importance in the research and scientific process within the university.

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